The Wedding Cake Mapping

Wedding Cake Projection Mapping


Projection mapping on a wedding cake is a process which involves a projection of a virtual cake with additional designs and decoration features. This can be applied both on a model cake or an actual cake. This technology is used to create additional decorations and designs on wedding cakes which may not be possible to do on an actual cake.The technique was first introduced in 2009 but is becoming more popular in urban weddings. The technique best works in a dark environment so that one can get a clear view of the design. The mapping can either be in 3D or 2D. 3D covers the whole cake while 2D covers part of the cake visible to the audience.

To perform a cake mapping, one needs a projector; a software called the Resolume, a computer (laptop) and the model cake. Actual cake can also be used.

The Resolume software is then installed on the computer. The projector is connected to the computer then-then the projection mapping becomes a reality. In addition to the mapping paraphernalia, there is a need for photo shop effects. This will aid in the production of the designs required on the cake.


The designs vary depending on the preference of the wedding parties. There can be a design for the whole cake or for each section of the cake to have its design. The projection could be made of many colors or a plain color. One can also project a picture or a film on the cake. The projection works to distinctively outline the design shapes more than actual decorations would. When the production of the designs is taking place, there can be customization of them to suit the preferences of the wedding parties. You may also watch and gather more ideas about wedding cakes at


Wedding cake projection mapping has become very popular. There are instances where one can wish for a fire on a cake; this can only be made virtually possible with the technology. The diversification of the process has led to many uses of it. During the production of an animation film with wedding themes, one can use this technique on the dummy wedding cakes. For people who need multiple designs on their wedding cakes, this process suits them best. For advertisers who do not need to reconstruct adding cakes for display can use this projection mapping to demonstrate a wide range of designs. This will save them the trouble of having to make multiple cakes with the designs. Visit us for some cake mapping prices at