The Wedding Cake Mapping

Features To Look At When Selecting A Wedding Cake

When choosing a wedding cake to make sure you check on your budget. The cost in most cases depends on the design of the cake. There are other things you have to pay for such as the decorator's fee and the cost of the cake itself. You need to know your budget ahead of time. There are those bakeshops that charge for delivery, but most of them make free deliveries. You need to know the approximate number of people that will attend the wedding so that you can decide on how much you need to allocate for the cake.

You need to let your baker know the details of your wedding. Make sure to let the baker know where the wedding will be held since the icing is vulnerable to environmental hazards. For instance, if the wedding shall be taking place in a place with high temperatures the cake needs to be made in such a way that it can endure the extreme temperatures. If the decoration charges bare too great yet you are on a high budget, you can decorate the cake on your own. Do you want to see a fire on a cake?


You might decide to use flowers as decorations for your wedding cake. You can choose either fresh flowers or artificial ones. Fresh flowers make the cake look more attractive. You need to choose the fresh flowers carefully. Ensure that the flowers don't have any chemicals as they may lead to poisoning.


You have to decide on where to place the cake. Most cake especially on summer might end up melting due to the heat from the sun. They can also cause the flowers to dry up. Make sure you have a good place to store the cake so as to preserve its look as well as the taste. Do not put the cake where there is heavy traffic as it can be knocked down quickly. Make sure the surface you are placing the cake on is stable. Learn more facts about wedding cakes at


Check the length of required for you to make an order for your wedding cake to be prepared. Time is a very vital aspect when planning weddings. You need to be time conscious otherwise you mess up things. You should devote enough time for the cake to be prepared properly. Consider how long the Baker will take to have the cake ready. The Baker should be given sufficient time to make the cake so that it comes out in a great shape. Ask the bakeshop how much time it takes to prepare the cake so that you can make your orders early if it takes a long time. Learn more about some discounted cake mapping at